Information Processing Policy

Dear Customer 

Ensure the preservation and confidentiality of the information of the clients and users of INVERSIONES M.D.ING. S.A.S .; collected for the sale, marketing and technical service of equipment for Echocardiography, stress tests, arrhythmia Holter and blood pressure; as established in Article 15 of the National Constitution, Law 23 of 1981, Decree 1377 of 2013 and Decree 1995 of 1999; and following the guidelines of Law 23 of 1981 and Resolution 2546 of July 02, 1998.
Our information policy defines, among others, the principles that we will comply with when collecting, storing and using the personal data of our clients and / or users, which translates into acting responsibly when collecting personal information and protecting their privacy, guaranteeing confidentiality. of the information as indicated in the law.

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