MyLab™X8 Platform integrates the latest technologies, delivering a high level of image quality without compromising workflow or efficiency.

  • LCD monitor with the latest technology, ensuring the best enhancement of the details and a full-screen mode.
  • Up to 5 transducer connectors enabling fast probe switch to adapt to the most demanding clinical environments.
  • Widescreen multi-function tablet-like touchscreen for uncompromising ease of use.
  • Fast system boot time from standby, for effective performance at the point of care.
  • Zero-click automation functions provide very fast interface usage and simplify complex procedures in different applications.
  • “One touch” image optimization through intelligent real-time algorithms.
  • Battery on board* to enable an autonomous cartbase.

Based on a decade of experience, MyLab™X8 Platform delivers outstanding ergonomics and comfort in daily practice. With creative solutions for both hardware and software, clinicians are provided with innovative tools.

  • Simplified control panel
  • Large touchscreen with tablet gesture for displaying recorded images
  • 21" monitor to provide further images increasing the value of the system
  • Smart automation functions like Doppler and Scan to increase the examination time efficiency

MyLab X8

SKU: 00013
  • MyLab™X8 Platform represents an outstanding source of innovation and technology, designed to accelerate your workflow. MyLab™X8 Platform offers: an LCD monitor with the latest technology, a smart stand-by function and a fast boot time, Windows® 10 O.S., zero-click automation functions, and cutting-edge ergonomics.

    Achieve infinite results with its highly intuitive user interface and advanced clinical tools, tailored to suit your needs. The MyLab™X8 and MyLab™X8 eXP ultrasound systems set a standard of high performance, offering a brand new ultrasound experience.